Emergency Roof Repair


Las Vegas Emergency Roof Repair

When a monsoon storm hits in Las Vegas, nothing is more important than your roof. Leaks can happen even when you think you’re on top of your roof maintenance. The combination of wind, torrential downpours, and flying debris can create new damage and leaks. Extended rains can work their way through weak areas on your roof and cause new leaks. Leaks come in all shapes and sizes, some more destructive than others. If you notice a leak, you need to get it taken care of before more damage occurs. D&L Roofing provides 24/7 emergency roof repair service. We contain and stop the leak to protect your valuable assets. Then we return and provide a long-term solution.

Are You Ready For an Emergency?

Emergencies, by definition, are unplanned. However, you can plan to be ready when an emergency arises. You probably have a list of emergency phone numbers – the doctor’s office, poison control, and other emergency services. It’s right to protect the people in your home. You should also have a list of emergency numbers for tradespeople when your home or building needs help. Plumbers, electricians, and trusted roofers should make up your home emergency contact list.

Have an Emergency Repair? Call Us 24/7: (702) 260-1114

Know Your Roof & Roofing Company

The more you know about your roof, the easier it will be for your roofer to help you out during an emergency. Know what type of roofing material you have, as well as information about roof pitch, style, and design. Identify any existing problems that you’re aware of so your roofer will be more prepared. Make sure to ask your roofer what kind of emergency services they offer. If they’re not available in the middle of the night when the water starts pouring into your home – then you’ll likely want to choose a different roofer.

Signs of a Roofing Emergency

How do you know when it’s an emergency? There are a number of different signs, some more obvious than others. If you notice any of the following, contact us:

Water Leaking into Your House or Building

If there is a substantial amount of water coming into a home or building call immediately. If the leak is small, like a minor drip, you can put a bucket under it and call us the next morning.

Holes in the Roof

If your roof has sustained significant damage to the point where there is a hole, it needs to be repaired as soon as possible. If water is coming in from a storm call us immediately.

Missing Shingles

One missing shingle is not an emergency. If you notice a large amount of missing shingles, then the damage should be dealt with quickly. We can fix this during regular working hours, but the repair should not be delayed.

Do You Need an Emergency Roof Repair?

If you’re a homeowner or building manager and you have a significant water leak from roof damage call us immediately. We can stop the water from coming in and then return and repair the damage after the storm has passed.

We offer 24/7 Emergency Roof Repair Service. Call Us: (702) 260-1114