Las Vegas Skylight Installation

Are you considering skylight installation in Las Vegas? When it comes to skylights you want a company that understands design, materials, best installation practices, and the value of a skylight. A skylight lessens your dependency on artificial lighting by as much as 10% and can lower heating bills. They add visual appeal to interiors, and studies have shown they even improve employee productivity.

Why Natural Lighting?

The white translucent acrylic material of a skylight transmits more light than heat. When the sun shines on the white acrylic dome, light is transmitted into the room evenly and consistently. It creates a soft, cool light with minimal glare that brings out the natural colors of a room.

Skylight Health Benefits

There are a number of health benefits associated with skylights.

Sunlight – A free and available mood enhancer. Natural sunlight stimulates vitamin D production and protects us from seasonal mood changes.

More Light – Stimulates the mind, and productivity, as opposed to dim lighting which makes us feel sleepy.

Natural Lighting – Can stimulate faster recovery from illness and operations. Sunlight can help lower blood pressure, which reduces stress.

Residential Skylights

Thinking about adding a skylight to your kitchen, living room, or master bath? A skylight can help make any room look and feel bigger by raising part of the ceiling around the skylight and opening up space. You’ll be amazed by how a skylight can transform the feel of a room.

There are several factors to consider when adding a skylight:

–  What size dome will get me the right amount of light?
–  Does the color of the dome matter?
–  Should I add shades to my skylight?

We can walk you through all the different variables that go into choosing the perfect skylight for your home.

Las Vegas Skylight Installation

Commercial Skylights

We’ve installed, replaced and repaired skylights in churches, hotels, atriums, office buildings, warehouses, shopping malls – and more. We understand how important getting your skylight installed, replaced, or repaired in a timely manner is to your business.

Most business and organizations implement the use of skylights for three reasons:

–  Natural light improves student and staff performance
–  Skylights increase energy efficiency
–  Natural light promotes greater workforce and student health

If you need help deciding on which type of skylight would best suit the needs of your business or organization we can help you from design all the way through the final installation.

Commercial Skylights

Popular Skylight Types

There are a wide variety of skylight options to choose from. When you’re considering which is best for you, there are some essential questions to ask. How much light is needed? How will the heat affect the room? What structural barriers might prevent a skylight installation? We make sure you understand every important factor to consider.

Acrylic Dome

Made of strong, flexible plastic, they are sometimes referred to as the brand name Plexiglass. They come in a variety of different tints, but white, bronze, and clear are the most common. Acrylic skylights are a very affordable option that typically lasts 15-20 years.

Flat Glass Skylight

Many consider this the most attractive skylight. It has a sleek design adding only a discrete change to your roof’s profile. They’re sturdy and provide excellent insulation against thermal conduction. One of the things people like most is that they’re entirely transparent allowing for a clear view of the sky above.

Tube Skylight

Tubular shaped skylights like the Velux Sun Tunnel are great ways to brighten up smaller spaces. They’re a popular choice for bathroom, closets, and hallways.

Pyramid or Vaulted Skylight

These bigger skylight units are made of multiple sections to brighten larger spaces. They can be more than 20 feet wide, and as long as any building they are installed on. Usually, the panels can be interchanged individually. These skylights are most commonly used for lobbies, entryways, and other large spaces.