Las Vegas Home and Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

Are you renovating your home, garage, or a contractor in the beginning stages of a new build? Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a spray-applied foam that forms continuous insulation and an air sealing barrier on walls, roofs, corners and other areas of any structure. SPF is known for its superior resistance to heat transfer, reduction of air infiltration, as well as sound reduction. Tax credits, rebates, and other incentives are available to architects and builders who include SPF in their designs, and to those who buy a home or retrofit an existing home with spray foam.

BASP Spray Foam Insulation

Why Spray Foam Insulation?

As much as 40% of a building’s energy is lost due to air infiltration. Gaps, holes, and air leaks can make energy bills higher than need be. Spray foam acts as both insulation and an air barrier, closing gaps that let air escape and creating significant savings on monthly utility bills. Having the right insulation in Las Vegas is critical to maximizing cost efficiencies and comfort.

–  Lower Energy Bills
–  Smaller HVAC systems
–  Lower Roof Maintenance Costs
–  Tax Rebates

Cool Roofs

A “cool roof” will maintain a lower temperature than a traditional roof because they are lighter in color and reflect sunlight. Spray foam applied to the roof of a building can provide cool roof performance when topped with a protective, reflective coating. Spray foam roofs don’t require any metal fastening, eliminating the potential for thermal shorts or bridges that allow heat to enter.

Interior SPF Benefits

In addition to roof enhancement benefits, SPF is widely used throughout the rest of a structure to improve your indoor environment. Sealing a building or home’s air leaks prevents drafts from windows, doors, attics, and floorboards, which results in better indoor temperature control. In areas with extreme climates, like Las Vegas, good indoor temperature control is critical for household or commercial building comfort.

In addition to temperature control, Interior SPF benefits include:

Sound – Maximize noise reduction
Pollen & Dust – Reduces entrance of external allergens
Insects – Keep unwanted pest from slipping through cracks and into your home

Spray Foam Insulation Types

High-Density – When high insulation values and strengths are needed, builders often choose high-density SPF. This foam has a dense structure, so it will not expand as much as lower density foams. It’s an excellent choice for roofing or other exterior insulation.

Medium-Density – Medium-density SPF is often used for continuous insulation, interior wall cavity fill, and unvented attic applications. Medium-density foam acts as an air, vapor, and water barrier, and can even help reduce noise.

Low-Density – Also known as open-cell-foam, low-density SPF is applied to provide continuous insulation and an air-sealing barrier. It’s also called ½ pound foam because it weighs almost 0.5 lbs. per cubic foot. It can be applied on walls, in unvented attics, ducts and ceilings, vented attics, and crawl spaces.

Ready to Maximize Protection and Comfort?

Whether you’re a homeowner or builder, we can work with you to get your structure insulated in a way that will save money and create comfort for decades.